Scorpion Gulch Arizona Bride and Groom

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As I pulled up to my parking spot my excitement grew.

What an incredibly beautiful place I was in.

I had been in this area many years ago. In fact I was right next door, at Ponderosa Stables, taking a trail ride through this amazing scenery. Back then, however  I only had eyes for the horses and completely missed this amazing set of ruins!


Scorpion Gulch was originally built at the base of South Mountain in Phoenix Arizona in 1936 as a home and General store. It was turned into a bar in the 1970’s. It is rumored that at one point it burned down, but there is no evidence of fire. It is now listed on the historic preservation register.


This is such an beautiful setting for intimate portraits of  Bride and Groom.


Christian and Whitney had a small wedding and never had portraits taken of the two of them. This was the perfect opportunity for Whitney to wear her wedding dress again.

This couple is so in love. They have such amazing chemistry together. They were truly a pleasure to meet.

Whitney is absolutely stunning with these deep burgundy’s and rich greens.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather in Phoenix.

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Event Coordinator- Samantha Turman
Wedding dress- Ivory Row Bridal
Table- Scottsdale Farm Tables
Floral- Karen’s Kouture
Stationaries- Lolalee Invitations
Cake- Suzy B’z homemade goodies
Hair- Carissa Mott
Makeup- Rosie Reed
Jewelry- Geri’s Gems – A Chloe + Isabel Boutique
Tux- Celebrity Tux & Tails

Finding Arizona / Salt River Boudoir


I met these two for the first time in a cute little cafe’ in Phoenix, right on the border of Tempe and Ahwatukee. The Hillside Spot. If you’ve never been, you absolutely must go. It has a super cute rustic vibe to it and amazing food!


We sat and chatted for over an hour. These two are so laid back and absolutely love getting to know everyone they meet.  I had such a wonderful time hearing their story.


Britt and Jose’ met a couple years ago. These two have such an amazing connection. They are incredible friends and own a business together.  Finding Arizona Podcast. It takes two very special people to be able to work together on a daily basis. I love my own husband very much, but we definitely need the bit of separation that separate jobs bring!


Finding Arizona is a great podcast to listen to. They travel Arizona, meeting and interviewing business owners all over the state. They are fun loving and absolutely adore the outdoors and everything Arizona has to offer.


During couple’s boudoir sessions I am always sure to grab some great photos that my couple can use to send to family and friends. Some of these photos were used for their Christmas cards this year!


Shortly after their session they took a trip to Puerto Rico, and Jose’ proposed!!!!!


Congratulations Britt and Jose’!



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Maricopa AZ Boudoir Photography Studio


I am so excited to announce that Beyond the Mask Studio is finished (aside from one day painting the walls!)

Maricopa Boudoir Photography Studio

Beyond the Mask Fine Art Photography Studio

Located in the small town of Maricopa, beyond the Mask offers an elegant setting with French country influences.

Compete with crisp white sheets, the studio boasts a beautiful queen sized bed. Can you just imagine the pillow fights you can have here?! You also have the use of the most comfortable chaise lounge you will ever lay on. The Armoir is steadily beginning to fill up with beautiful pieces of lingerie for you to borrow for your session. Of course each piece is professionally dry cleaned before and after your session.


Offered in the studio are boudoir, couples boudoir, and portrait sessions. Please do not hesitate to give me a call. I look forward to meeting you! (480) 818-4104

Love Story

Beyond the mask

Beyond the Mask Boudoir Maricopa Arizona

Two eyes meet for the very first time and smiles play upon their lips. She is a gorgeous creature with caramel skin and jet black hair shining upon her head. She wears the loveliest of little floral dresses with thin little straps across her shoulders. His breath is taken away the moment he lays eyes on her. That is how he feels for the rest of his life every time he looks at her. he knows at that very moment that she was meant for him.

Years later they have 3 beautiful children together and have already been on this amazing adventure called life. They have taken the biggest leap they could have imagined and moved across the country to be rid of the ice and snow, to finds Sun and warmth. To further their own careers and to make a better life for themselves. Life may not always be easy, but they always find happiness in each other and in their little family.

Mornings are spent building forts and making pancakes. Afternoons are spent exploring the mountains and parks. They always find time to spend with each other. Because what else in life is more important than laughing and being with your family?

She has big dreams for herself and he fully supports her. he is so in love with her that no matter what she wants, he will do everything in his power to provide it. Nothing else matters!

These two know what it’s all about. They are the lucky ones who found love and happiness early in life. It will follow them till the end of time. Nothing can put out that flame they have for each other. It only grows brighter and brighter each day.

here’s to all the lovers in the world and those who have found their one true love, and those who are still searching. It is out there. It is real! You will find yours!

Maricopa Arizona Boudoir Studio

Maricopa Arizona Boudoir Studio

Minor details


While I don’t recommend taking up skiing or going rock climbing the week before your session with Beyond the Mask, it is inevitable that many of us have bumps, bruises, and/or scars that we don’t want to highlight in your photos. It’s life. And if you are living it, you typically have proof somewhere on your body. But there is no need to worry when you have the pro at Beyond the Mask behind you. Truth is, it takes a little bit of effort  to create those flawlessly sexy images you see on the website, Pinterest page, and Instagram account. My makeup artist and myself will each do our part to ensure that your skin looks it’s absolute best while still ensuring it looks like yours, naturally. Just remember that communication is key! If you don’t want to show the scar on your knee from playing soccer in high school, let me know so that I can work with you to make that happen. With great communication and superb talent you will be sure to love every square inch of your boudoir images.


Book your Maricopa boudoir session today or set up a time for your consultation!

High School Sweet hearts-Almost!



Bryce and I met about 2 years ago while we were both going to Eastern Arizona College. He grew up about 4 hours away from me. We met at a bowling alley because we had the same friends. He immediately started to flirt with me, but it took me a while to catch on because I thought, “There’s no way this gorgeous guy is trying to flirt with me?” It took one of my friends asking me “You know Bryce is flirting with you right?” for me to finally catch on. We have been inseparable ever since!

One day we were watching some of his high school wrestling videos, we both love wrestling, when we saw me in the back ground at one of his tournaments! He realized that I was “Pima’s cute manager” that he was always too nervous to talk to back in high school. Crazy!


He asked me to marry him soon after during the Gila Valley Idol final show where he got on stage in front of a couple hundred people and asked me to spend forever with him! I got my dream proposal and my dream guy that day. We’ve been happily married for almost 6 months now and can’t wait for the rest of forever together!


Photographer: Katrina Call
Coordinated by: Brittani Dorsey
Florals: Melissa Shippy
Baker: Suzanne Lever
9602) 509-0028
Hair/MUA: Sally Myers at All Dolled up Studio
Frances Gomez at Rapture the Salon
Special Thanks to: Superstitions Springs Golf Club

Phoenix Photography | On having Teenagers


Hey all you awesome moms!

Do you have teenagers? I have 3! Boy is it so much fun!

phoenix photographer

It is so great that our children can hold actual conversations with us now! We can leave them home alone to go out on date night and not have to worry about finding a sitter. We don’t have to pay for a sitter! We can let them go all afternoon and sometimes have the house all to ourselves! Eventually we can even send them out to the store to pick up a few groceries for us! It’s awesome!


There are the play practices and band practice, games and competitions. Driving and driving and driving, all in one day to take all 3 children to different events and practices. I am so grateful that my husband is able to help out with all the driving. Otherwise I have no idea how I would be able to get everyone where they need to be! On top of that we have to find time to make dinner and feed everyone. Many nights My family doesn’t get to eat until 9pm!

phoenix photographer

I love every bit of it! The busier I am with the kids the better. What on earth are we going to do when they move out? My kids are all 1 year apart. In a flash my house will be empty except the 2 of us and we will have to find new things to do to take up our time.


But until then we still have a few years to figure out how on earth we are supposed to get everything accomplished in a day. How do you do it?

phoenix photographer

On top of all that there’s house cleaning! Uggh. Everyone’s favorite task! Yes our children are now old enough to help out with chores and pick up after themselves. Do you think my kids could pick there towels up off the floor and hang them up> Of course not! That would be too much work! So they sit on the floor all day and then end up in the wash after only 1 use. I am sorry, but I grew up in a house where you used your towel, hung it up and used it a second time. How dirty are you after a shower?! And them being bigger, they often make bigger messes. You should see the floor in my 14 year old’s room! You would think they would understand what “no food or drink in the bedroom” means. Nope. Red stains all over his carpet from juice.


Don’t get me started on my oldest’s room! Why do teenage boys rooms stink so bad?! I can understand mess, but where on earth does that smell come from? He isn’t in there all day. He doesn’t spend every moment in there like my daughter does. Her room smells good. She doesn’t use lotions and perfumes. She the simplest girl I’ve met. No makeup, throw on whatever she can find in the closet. She always looks good with little to no effort. Lucky girl!


Anyway back to cleaning. When I find the time, I have no motivation for it. See I’m not like your typical woman who has to have a clean house. I HATE cleaning. I will do it of course because I am extremely embarrassed if anyone comes over to a dirty house. Actually I’ve gotten a little better with that. Why do our houses have to be spotless? I have 3 teenagers. As soon as I clean something off or pick something up, there is another dirty cup on the coffee table and a pile of dirty tissues on the couch. And that’s not just from the kids. I admit I do it too at times. That’s my dirty little secret. I can be a little sloppy and lazy!


My 14 year old helped me pick up, vacuum, and mop the entire house yesterday for his party.  he is such a considerate guy. He had friends spending the night for his birthday and 2 of them are allergic to cats. We have cats. So we had to try to get as much cat fur up as possible and lock the poor cats up in my bedroom. The house looked great! We vacuumed places we usually forget about. By this morning, the place is trashed. What did I expect having 7 teenagers in the house?!

I’m not worried about it though. Today is a beautiful day. The second in the beginning of a beautiful Arizona Fall. We will get to picking up eventually. But it’s more important to us to enjoy the day. Lets the kids go outside and play, finish projects that have been sitting, waiting for cooler weather, and maybe we will make the husband happy and go hike a small mountain!


Have a beautiful weekend!



Phoenix Photography | Be Unique


What makes you, you?


We are all unique. There is no other like me. There is no other like you. Even twins are completely different people.




How unbelievably boring would that be if we all bleached our hair and walked around in Prada and Jimmy Choo’s?  I certainly don’t. I can’t afford it! I also can’t possibly do hat to my super fine thin hair. I would go bald!



I am what you would call eclectic. But I too am scared to dress how I want to dress. Most of us are always wondering in the back of our minds what others are thinking of us. Some of us more than others. A very small percent of us have gotten to the point in their life where they love themselves and truly don’t care what others think. We all want to be that person. We all want to have that self love and that confidence. It is hard to get there for some of us though. Some of us never reach that point. That’s so sad.


I am still on a journey. I will be on a journey to find myself until the day I leave this earth. I am constantly changing. As are most of you. Sure parts of us never change. But the world around us is changing and we adapt with those changes. We will wear one fashion and swear that, that is us. It is the style that defines us. Until a new fashion comes out that we love even more. Or if you are like me, you will wear a pretty floral dress and sandals one day and jeans and cowboy boots the next. Fashion is just too much fun to stick to one style all the time. But that’s me.



Have fun discovering you! It can be such an amazing journey.


Make sure to take time out for YOU in your busy life. That doesn’t mean you have to spend time absolutely alone. You can bring your friend, boyfriend, husband, sister along with you. Just make sure to find time to have fun and to go on small journeys of discovery. Try a new restaurant, go see a play, check out a movie that you wouldn’t normally go see. Go to a dance club. Go hike a mountain. Take a Yoga class if you’ve never tried one. Check out a new church. Think outside the box. To find out who you really are and what you really like, you Have to try new things!


Life is an adventure! Go out there and have fun!



Phoenix Photography | Cats and Dolls


I absolutely love the pin-up look. I may not be a total history buff, but I am absolutely intrigued by several different eras in history.

Phoenix pin-up photography

The 40’s and 50’s were an interesting time. I am in love with the fashion of that time. Women were starting to find themselves more and more. Not to mention the 40’s had the best music ever invented. I am a huge lover of Big Band and Swing. I love to go out swing dancing. It is my absolute favorite! The music just gets you so jazzed up, you can’t help but start moving to it!

Phoenix pin-up photography

Life seemed to be so much simpler in those days. Women were just starting to get into the work force. Television was such a new thing that people didn’t spend all their free time in front of it. Kids played OUTSIDE! There were no cell phones. (I still have no idea how we ever lived without those!) Families ate at the dinner table.

Phoenix pin-up photography

Women had luncheons and dinner parties. They dressed up every single day. They didn’t need a reason to do so. You knew your neighbors and were friends with everyone on your street. People would stop and say hi to you just because they could.

Phoenix pin-up photographer

Now we have an entire sub culture of pin-up and Rockabilly. It is so much fun to join that world. It gives us an excuse to be our own person. To dress how we want to dress. cts_1707-1-2

And we don’t have to dress in that style every day either. It can be just a fun hobby, or it can become a way of life.

 Phoenix pin-up photographer

I have so much fun doing these pin-up sessions with clients.

 Phoenix pin-up photographer

Pin-up and rockabilly isn’t just for women! Look at this cool Cat!

 Phoenix pin-up photographer

It is also so much fun for couples as well!

cts_1880-1-2cts_1869-1-2Phoenix pin-up photographer

Do you want to do a pinup session of your own? Call me today and let’s schedule your session! 443-693-3979